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  • The property consists of two detached houses with swimming pools, each built on its separate land plot in surface of 465 and 532 m² respectively, marked as plots: čest.zem. 494/1 Z.U. 534 (No. 1) and čest.zem. 730/1 Z.U.541 (No. 4), all in Cadastral Office K.O. DRAČEVICA;
  • In the attached photos, the houses (No. 1 and No. 4) are shown separately.
  • Ownership and possession of each house, with the land around them, are registered before the competent court and the cadastral office for whole (1/1).
  • House No. 1 with the land around has a deed of property entitled to the company LEX-MV Ltd, Supetar, so the sale is made by the transfer to the new owner of the share of the company of 100%;
  • The transfer of the ownership of shares of 100% is acquitted of the obligation to pay a property transfer tax which in Croatia is estimated in 3% of the appraised value of the property by the tax office, which amount represents a saving in that percentage for each house, and the owner of the share of 100% acquires a company that owns a specific property resulting in significant savings of time and money, because it is not necessary to establish a company. For NON-EU citizens there is no need for the approval of the competent ministry, with the company registered with a wide range of activities one can immediately perform business activity, rent the bought house, put the house under mortgage and burden it other ways, raise loans etc.
  • HOUSE No. 4 is a private property – for whole and the equity transfer is performed with a classical contract of sale;
  • The property is located on the island of Brač, in the ancient picturesque village by the name Dračevica with less than 100 permanent residents, with views of the sea to the northern slopes of the island, 10 km from the ferry port in Supetar, 4 km from one of the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic Sea for docking boats and yachts – Bobovišća, and 15 km from the Brač Airport, all these destinations can be reached by car or bus in a very short time by a very good local road
  • The property can be reached by the local bus rides, also on the road in front of the property there is a bus stop
  • Absolute peace and quiet, unchanged for centuries landscape of stones, olives and holm trees, also ancient stone piles with a view to the sea dominate the location of the property, whereas with the property ceases the construction zone and there is no possibility of further building, also there is a possibility of buying for a fair price additional bordering land, in surface as agreed with the owners
  • The altitude is more than 300 m above the sea level
  • Both buildings are built in accordance with regular location, building and use permits;
  • HOUSE no.1 consist of net area of approximately 107 m2 + veranda with isolated fireplace, of which 2/3 represents the ground floor with kitchen, kitchen cabinet, dining room, bathroom, living room, hall, one bedroom, garden closet (with a third toilet node), and a covered veranda with a separate area of the fireplace, while the 1/3 represents the floor with two bedrooms, hallway and bathroom accessible thanks to the internal stone staircase with the landing, Attached to the villa there is a facility (15 m2), a sort of gazebo underneath an ancient holm tree. There is a dining table within, on a stone-paved space, for afternoon drinks or outdoor dining.
  • HOUSE no.4 consist of net area of 137 m2 + larger veranda, of which 1/2 represents the ground floor with living room, dining room, kitchen, closet under the stairs, a small study room, antechamber with a large wall closet and large bathroom, while the remaining 1/2 is the first floor, which is accessible through the internal stone double staircase with landing, and consists of two bedrooms (south bedroom has a balcony), bathroom, parental room with separate cloak room and bathroom, also 2 more 2 small balconies with stone fences;
  • House no. 1 has a professional pool 3 x 5 m in dimensions, lifted off the ground about 50 cm forming the seating surfaces around the pool, while the pool of the HOUSE no. 4 is larger, i.e. 3 x 6 x 1.50 m;
  • Each unit has its own large septic tank and at least two parking spaces, while the house no. 4 has up to 4 parking spaces, all made in stone;
  • Each property is accessed by public path from the public road,
  • Each property is a fully independent unit physically separated by stone boundary walls,
  • The units are designed in the style of old native Dalmatian houses, with a combined facade dominated by hand-cut stones and thermal plaster with stone gutters made of Brač stone, with all the exterior openings also bordered in Brač stone, with external authentic wooden green shutters, while the inner openings are quality plastic thermo windows, all custom-made,
  • The environment of all units, except the earthen part, is made from hand-made polished stone from Brač, while the parking lots are made from Benkovac stone,
  • The heating and cooling system have been implemented in the units, all electrical installations, including satellite TV, telephone, alarm, indoor cinema and video surveillance etc, installation of water and sewer, lightning rod, also pool installation,
  • The units are built with high quality, with a ceiling height of 2,80 to 4,50 m, with an orientation that preserves privacy, the construction was performed without haste, slowly and with respect to all the rules of civil engineering, as well as mandatory deadlines that must elapse between each phase of construction;
  • The outer boundary walls of the property are hand- carved stone walls with two faces or old stone drywalls, all with the aim to preserve the environmental features,
  • The inside equipment is of a very high quality with porcelain floor tiles (40 x 40 cm), first class lacquered ash parquet of bigger length and width (40 x 7 cm), yet 22 mm thick; high quality ceramic and masonry showers with glass door, full internal doors made of wood (elm) and equivalent opening borders hand-made, stone interior staircase, stone sills, stone floor windows, stone bar and a stone wall racks in the bathrooms, high quality electrical switches (ST), prepared installed installations of heating devices and cooling, video surveillance, alarm, satellite TV and etc.
  • Interior works are completed, as well as the outdoor works, while the pool technology is set to HOUSE no. 1, which is fully furnished and fully equipped to move in, which is obvious from the photographs.
  • The HOUSE no. 1 (Villa Ivana) is fully furnished with brand new quality furniture: premium kitchen (Bosch, Germany) with thermal plate, oven, microwave oven, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, fridge, ironing board, iron, mixer, and absolutely all brand new and unused kitchen utensils (from stainless steel cookware and cutlery to china plates and high-quality glasses etc.), excellent ambient furniture with luxurious beds with wooden letterhead, fully equipped bathrooms, dining chairs and a large dining table, leather sofas, ambient leather chairs, excellent garden furniture, deck chairs by the pool etc, all with new curtains, carpets, with complete bedding, numerous luminaires, each house is also equipped with four TVs with built-in satellite receivers, satellite TV, Internet, air-condition heating and cooling systems (Hitachi, Japan), video surveillance, alarm system, built-in safe, outdoors lighting and swimming pool lightings, outdoor shower by the pool, stainless steel stair railing, paintings etc, all with the certificate of energy efficiency, and with the maximum categorization issued for this type of property (holiday house) of 4 ( **** ) stars , which enables the rental of the facility;
  • A certificate for energy efficiency of all units is obtained.  Price for the HOUSE no. 1 (land, unit, swimming pool, environment; paintings excluded) is 295.000 EUR net, while the price of the HOUSE no. 4 is 299.000 EUR net, provided that, as stated above and for the above reasons, when purchasing the HOUSE no. 1 the new owner purchases 100% of the share in the company that owns the property unit without paying the 3% of the property transfer tax, while the HOUSE no. 4 is in private ownership;
  • The price of the HOUSE no. 4 mentioned above – includes the separate pool facility in stone, which consists of four separate segments (garden barbecue, bathroom, garden closet with pool technology and shower),
  • We own a 3D simulation made before the construction, as well as all the necessary documentation that is accessible for public view,
  • Both villas are equipped with sliding front (electric motor controlled) galvanized metal door with remote controls, swimming pools with stainless steel elements and prime quality covers for protection during winter season. The planting of ornamental plants has also been done, with the ‘drop by drop’ watering system. The access driveway from the public road that goes through the village of Dračevica is made, with public street-lights.